You want to keep people updated about what's going on in the product, but...

Reports and status meetings are time sinks

Copy & pasting data into a custom report that you then have to share, or running regular status meetings with different teams can help you keep people informed, but they're huge time sinks.

People don't want (or forget) to go to other tools

Stakeholders from outside of tech don't understand how Jira works. If you instead share your status through a wiki, doc or some other tool, people forget to go there, so that's just where information goes to die.

Notifications are overwhelming

Subscribing people to Jira notifications by email or Slack also doesn't work. They're too granular and miss the big picture. Also, there's so much going on that people just get lost amidst all the noise.

How Underway helps you

We're here to save you time, but also to make sure your updates are effective

Send the right information to the right people

Choose from our great-looking and readable reports that let you answer the most common types of questions you get:

  • The status of your work in progress
  • What you’ve completed recently
  • The status of your upcoming releases
  • What you’ve shipped recently

Choose the update frequency that makes sense for your stakeholders

Choose the right audience and the right frequency for each update. Schedule reports to go out every day, week, 2 or 3 weeks, or monthly. Send them in the morning or just before the end of the day. And if you need to let people know as soon as there’s a release, you can use “just released” notifications.

No need to ask people to log in to yet another app

We cache data from JIRA and all links are magic. This way, recipients can read more about a release, or feature without having to login anywhere. Links expire after 3 weekdays. It’s simple and saves you money – less JIRA or Confluence licenses for people that don’t really need to go there.

Review and customize your updates, before they go out

Sometimes you don’t want full automation, we get it. Which is why you can:

  • Set up reports to only go out if (and when) you approve them
  • Customize the intro to the report, to add any important updates or soften the blow when there are bad news

Everyone can see your releases right from their calendar app

Share a calendar feed with past and upcoming releases so others can see exactly when your releases are happening (and what’s going to be in them). Release dates come from JIRA, so no need to update 2 or 3 different apps. Sanity!

Share friendly release notes that people actually read

Share friendly, non-technical release notes that stakeholders actually read. You can use emojis, GIFs, and other attachments to make your content more engaging. But even if you don’t do this, we’ve got you covered: stakeholders will be able to see a changelog with all features grouped by type and showing their current status.

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